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Straight Blast Gym International (SBGi)

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Straight Blast Gym International is a group of individuals dedicated to and held together by their common belief in training alive.

What Is Straight Blast Gym International?

  • Our Martial Arts Programs for adults and kids adhere to the world class standards of Straight Blast Gym International, a world leader in functional martial arts training.
  • SBGi is a group of mixed martial arts gyms led by some of the most talented, intelligent, inspired, honest and functional Martial Arts Coaches you will ever meet.
  • Our mandate is to offer everyone – young and old, with any type of fitness level – the cutting edge in self defense, combat athletics, fitness, and personal growth.

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SBGi provides 'every-body' with a functional martial arts, fitness and life skills program.

Young athletes will find a place in our gym, alongside professionals who have to work 45-hour weeks. 

Women and older adults looking to get into shape, have fun, and learn self-defense will also find they belong. And children of all ages can learn martial arts in a positive atmosphere of friendship and fun.

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Welcome To The Family

What you become a part of at any Straight Blast Gyms is a family.

SBGi is an organization built of – and on – each and every one of its members, and their individual questions, experiences, discoveries, needs and concerns. We are you... and we are your family.

Our members include people who train for a wide variety of reasons – from fun, fitness, recreation, sport, self-defense through to specialized agencies, facilities and units.

A Worldwide Community

On any given week somewhere in the world, we have athletes of all ages competing.

Although it's completely optional for members, many do enjoy competing. On any given weekend around the world, you will find boxing, kick boxing, MMA, BJJ, Judo and submission grappling competitions.

Elsewhere you will find SBGi gyms running pee-wee classes, women's rape-prevention courses, instructing peace officers, training specialized military units, running fitness and well-being classes, etc.

SBG is for Every-body

No matter your age or physical makeup, our approach is one that any body can embrace.

We, coach, learn, and train every aspect of our curriculum with a method and approach paramount to learning the way nature intended.

Through the self-discovery and experienced guidance of progressive but direct immersion and the priceless self-knowledge there gained or re-discovered, all of our members prosper.

  • Mr. Beaupit quickly developed a strong rapport with each class and was able to maintain on-task behaviour in even the most challenging students. The core elements of his program are life skills that are transferable to all aspects of students lives. He has a commanding presence in front of both large and small group settings. Mr. Beaupit is a gifted teacher with a wealth of experience and uncommon ability to make connections with his students.
    - Sean Hiliker, Phys Ed Teacher - Westlane Secondary School

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