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  • I knew within the first 15 minutes of walking into SBG and meeting Coach Rich that I had found the place I needed to be. Walking up the steps the first time I was a little nervous- no experience, 40+ beginner and shy- but I was surprised how quickly my anxieties floated away. It is very much a tribe of support; in fact the meld of beginners with more experienced athletes is almost seamless. There are obviously differences if comparing level of skills, endurance and knowledge- yet there are no egos bigger than the athlete. Every single person I have met has genuine interest in working towards not only achieving their personal goals- but also puts in just as much effort to create an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement for others. It is truly a “build you up” vibe.
    - Brandy Ford


Joining SBG Niagara gives you an opportunity to experience community as you've never felt it. Beyond being empowered, you'll also come to understand what we're all about.

We are a community of men, women, and children who train and love to share their time and energy in a very positive and fulfilling way and in an equally responsive environment. 

We offer alive, adaptable and functional training in a challenging, pro-active and FUN curriculum.

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A Fun, Friendly, Challenging Environment

We understand that sometimes the hardest part about joining a martial arts school is actually walking in the front door. People have a preconceived idea of what it is going to be like, and it can very intimidating. At Straight Blast Gym Niagara, we take away any anxiety you may be feeling the moment you walk into our gym.


Our 'Growing Gorillas' and 'S.A.F.E. Bully Proofing' Programs help kids develop as well-balanced individuals through all stages of growth.

We love kids, their well-being is our passion. The children's programs we have developed over the years has helped thousands of children.

From kids to teens, they have improved their confidence, physical fitness, and grow an awareness of the world around them and how they fit in.

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Beginner Adult Programs, Straight Blast Gym Niagara


You're going to love our programs and how they make you feel about yourself.

Our classes will get you into great shape, help relieve stress, and provide you with the skills and confidence to protect yourself should the need ever arise. And you will have a lot of FUN doing it!

We offer the most functional training in self defense, combat athletics, fitness, and personal growth, to every type of human body that walks through our door.

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Straight Blast Gyms Niagara is home to the most 'Beginner Friendly' Martial Arts, Fitness, and Life Skills programs in the Niagara Region, for men, women, and children of all ages.

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