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Get Up. Show Up. Never Give Up

Have you faced great adversity in your life and bounced back? We have put together an initiative to inspire you to continue to focus on finding possibilities and opportunities in a world filled with obstacles.

  • Martial arts has been part of my life since my mid teens, and I've been passionately coaching and running my gym for the past 30 years. The "Get Up, Show Up, Never Give Up" mantra has been a cornerstone of my coaching, and how I lead my life. I've helped many people get through tough times, and, wanting to expand on that, I am starting my "Get Up, Show Up, Never Give Up" Project.
    - Rich Beaupit, Owner and Head Coach of Straight Blast Gym Niagara

Get Up. Show Up. Never Give Up.

The "Get Up. Show Up. Never Give Up" Project 

On every path lies road blocks. When an obstacle impedes your path, it often produces a variety of emotions. Accepting the adversity, resolving it head-on, and overcoming it empowers you.

The Get Up, Show Up, Never Give Up mantra has inspired many people to cultivate a positive mindset. Drawing from real life stories, our project empowers you to grow as an individual. With perseverance, you can transform the challenges you face into opportunities. 

Our Get Up, Show Up, Never Give Up project will begin with social media, then we will move forward with a dedicated website, a book, and lastly, a podcast.

Learn more about us and how we empower people to overcome challenges.

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We are gathering stories from people around the world who have faced adversity, hardship, or challenges, and used the "Get Up, Show Up, Never Give Up" attitude, to overcome and triumph.

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Read the FAQs to learn more about our project and how you can participate.

Get Up. Show Up. Never Give Up.

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