The SAFEST and Most FUN Kickboxing Program In St.Catharines and Niagara

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The SBG Kickboxing Program will teach you incredible stand up fighting skills in a safe and beginner friendly environment.

  • The SBG Striking Program contains elements of kickboxing, thai kickboxing, karate, and boxing, providing our athletes with a complete striking system.
  •  Our Program has classes for everyone from the beginner to seasoned athlete, with both technical kickboxing classes and our Bags & Mitts classes, which are high energy, conditioning training sessions.
  • Want to learn our striking arts?  Our amazing QUICK START TRIAL makes it easy for you to get started with us.


SBG Striking - A Complete Striking Program

You will get a total body workout, get into phenomenal shape, and have FUN while learning how to 
use your body to throw proper, fast and powerful punches, elbows, knees and kicks.

Learn The Striking Arts In The Safest Environment Around

The SBG training methods provide our athletes a safe, FUN, and challenging curriculum, where you can improve your skills at your pace.

You need responsible Coaches and teammates when you are throwing strikes at each other, and that's what you will find in every class at SBG Niagara.

We live our motto, TEAM -Together Everyone Achieves More.

The SBG Foundations Program - FUNdamentals

In Foundations, Our Absolute Beginners Program, your SBG Niagara Coaches will teach you all the fundamentals you need to feel confident in your stand up skills.

The skills you learn will increase your confidence, and will work in the gym, in competition, and in real world situations should the need ever arise for you to protect yourself.

Learn with like minded teammates that genuinely want to help each other better themselves.

Bags and Mitts - A Non-Contact Conditioning Class 

It's no secret that hitting the bags and mitts is one of the best conditioning programs you can do.

Increase your stamina, strength and power, reduce your stress levels, and never get bored of your workout.

We've never had anyone tell us they didn't enjoy the feeling of smashing the heavy bags, focus mitts or thai pads.  It's a ton of FUN hitting them, and you'll love every minute of it.

Plain and simple, it is impossible not to feel safe and welcome on the SBG mats.
Coach Rich highlights values that are translated inside and outside of the gym. MMA might be an individual sport, but SBG Niagara feels like a team.
It is the greatest thing about starting university in a new city and a great learning experience.

- Michael Goizman

Beginner's QuickStart Program, SBG Niagara

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