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I started BJJ and striking classes at SBG Niagara two months ago. A big part of why I chose SBG Niagara was the stellar reviews, so I thought I'd add my own. 
It's impossible to overstate what a great martial arts gym this is. Coach Rich has managed to create the most friendly atmosphere I have experienced - anywhere, ever. Every single person at SBG Niagara treats you like you're just as much a part of the team on day 1 as the guy who's been going for years. 
On top of that, the coaches are extremely knowledgeable. As a complete beginner, they immediately recognize what I'm doing wrong and help me correct it. It's easy to learn quickly with such excellent coaching. 
If you're searching for a MMA gym, look no further. This is where you want to be: don't settle for anything less.

- Robert Bolhken

 I first met Rich at a seminar in Canada a few years back. My immediate impression was one of absolute sincerity. Rich trained hard, tried to help everyone he worked with, and had an obvious aptitude for the information being offered. But what came across the most was the genuine concern he had for the students in his class, and at his gym. 
I travel often around the world, and finding someone with Rich’s skill and ability to teach is rare. But what is even more rare is finding someone like that who truly cares as much as Rich does about his people. And that sincerity cannot be faked. 
So, with that I can honestly say I would recommend Rich’s instruction, classes, and facility to anyone who asked. Regardless of experience, background, age, or specific objective, you will find something worthwhile in Rich’s teachings. And you will enjoy yourself along the way as well.

- Matt Thornton, Straight Blast Gym President, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

Mr. Beaupit quickly developed a strong rapport with each class and was able to maintain on-task behaviour in even the most challenging students. The core elements of his program are life skills that are transferable to all aspects of students lives. 
He has a commanding presence in front of both large and small group settings. Mr. Beaupit is a gifted teacher with a wealth of experience and uncommon ability to make connections with his students.

- Sean Hiliker, Phys Ed Teacher - Westlane Secondary School

Rich Beaupit's coaching abilities were apparent the first time I arrived at the gym and saw him working with children. The kids were laughing, moving, listening. They rolled and wrestled with determination and above all fun. Essentially, the kids were at play - and what better way to learn than through the natural motions of play? 
For me, this is the perfect metaphor for how SBG Niagara works. Yes, there is a serious quality to the application of "what" we learn. But true learning is measured in terms of "how" not "what". How does one apply their skills to every day life? How does it shape our role in the world? How do we incorporate what we know in a meaningful way? 
At Beaupit's, the "how" is derived from a sense of play. The atmosphere light-hearted but diligent, relaxed but sincere. The students (of all ages) feel at home in a sense, because they arrive at a place that is safe and open to people of all backgrounds. The goal one of learning (playing) together as a group instead of going through the motions of an enforced hierarchy. 
This sets Rich's gym apart from the rest, in my mind. It shows that community means more than notoriety. The seriousness of the martial art not trumped by ego, but seen as a way to better one's place in the world, and to better the people we engage with.

- Harry Tournemille, Parent and Member of SBG Niagara

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