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Back To School With Confidence

Posted Aug 15th, 2018 in Blog

Back To School With Confidence

At SBG Niagara, we excel in building kids confidence and self-esteem, through the "Life Skills" system we use from our "Growing Gorillas Martial Arts and Life Skills Program".  Everything from our daily "mat chats", monthly Life Skills Success Worksheets, and more are designed to do one thing - teach our SBG Kids how to believe in themselves.  

From one of our SBG Kids parents:

"2 years ago coach Rich Beaupit accepted this shy little girl in to the SBGI fast 2 years has gone and to look back and see how far Leah and the tribe has come and grown is an honour...through up and downs good and bad times this has been the best decision we have made...the confidence and skills Leah has developed thanks to an amazing coach and tribe! Thank you coach Rich and the ENTIRE tribe we can’t wait to see what the future has in store!!!"

Kids that have confidence and self-esteem are ready to go back to school and face the upcoming year, and they are better prepared to handle any stressful situations should they arise.  This leads to kids that can stay calm under pressure, problem solve for themselves, and enjoy their school year.

I am now accepting a limited amount of new members for our "Growing Gorillas Kids Martial Arts and Life Skills Program."  If you want to give your child the best start to the new school year, contact me to set up your child's QuickStart Trial, and we will ge tthem on their way to a successful school year!

Coach Rich 

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