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The Best Bully Proofing (S.A.F.E. System) for Kids In The Niagara Region!

Posted Jul 30th, 2017 in Blog

The Best Bully Proofing (S.A.F.E. System) for Kids In The Niagara Region!

Straight Blast Gym Niagara’s “Children’s Martial Arts and Life Skills” Program Will Give Your Child The Self Esteem and Confidence They Need To Stand Up To Bullying

The two greatest gifts you can give your child are confidence and self-esteem.  Kids that have them are ready to go back to school and face the upcoming year, and they are better prepared to handle any bullying situations should they arise.

Finding the right person to teach your child how to protect themselves against bullying is a very big responsibility, and as you can see by the testimonials below, you will find no one in St.Catharines or the Niagara Region better or more qualified to help your child then myself and my S.A.F.E. System.

"My daughter joined SBG Niagara as a timid little girl, who was too shy to say her name out loud in her first class. Over the past 2 years, we have witnessed Olivia flourish!

With Coach Rich’s gentle yet firm guidance, she has turned into a confident and assertive little girl who loudly and proudly announced herself from the “roll-call wall” at the start of every class. She was even able to stand at the front of the class to help coach her peers; it was an unbelievably proud moment as a parent and meant the world to see her be able to do this.

SBG coaches taught Olivia the technical aspects of BJJ, as well as practical life lessons that she’ll need to navigate the often tumultuous world of children. From how she can and should set a positive example and interact with her friends, to how she should respect her family at home, Coach Rich’s lessons are relevant and always have a positive message.

I highly recommend SBG to any parent who wants their child to have fun, learn an effective martial art, and learn life-lessons to help guide them in the right direction, while helping them develop into strong, caring, and positive little people."

- Kristy Corazon

“Mr. Beaupit quickly developed a strong rapport with each class and was able to maintain on-task behavior in even the most challenging students.  The core elements of his program are life skills that are transferable to all aspects of students lives.

He has a commanding presence in front of both large and small group settings.  Mr. Beaupit is a gifted teacher with a wealth of experience and uncommon ability to make connections with his students”

- Sean Hiliker - Phys Ed Teacher - Westlane Secondary School

My S.A.F.E. System is a part of our "Growing Gorillas Kids Martial Arts and Life Skills Program", and is the result of over 28 years of research teaching the Confrontation Management / Life Skills Component of the Physical Education classes at Elementary and Secondary Schools throughout the Niagara Region. No other martial arts instructor in the Niagara Region can even come close to the amount of practical experience I have coaching kids on being successful dealing with bullies.

If you would like your child to:

  • Learn our proven strategies for dealing with the school yard bully (how to detect, defuse or defend themselves)Understand that walking away is not being weak (having the courage to make the right choice under pressure)
  • Learn how to deal with peer pressure (how to stand up for themselves even when a group of people are trying to intimidate them)
  • How to make proper eye contact with people (bullies pick non-confident people to bully, like kids who look down at the ground)
  • The “3 T’s” of Bully Proofing, “Talk, Tell, Tackle” (teaching the kids that first you try to talk it out, next you tell the teacher, and last you physically defend yourself if needed)

All you need to do is contact me, either by phone at 905.329.KICK(5425), or just fill out our QuickStart Trial form on the right side of this page, and I will get them started on their way.

Coach Rich Beaupit

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