Chris Haueter BJJ Seminar

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Chris Haueter BJJ Seminar

Straight Blast Gym Niagara is very proud to announce that we will be hosting a BJJ Seminar with one of the “BJJ Dirty Dozen”, a BJJ Legend, CHRIS HAUETER.

Coach Haueter is one of the first Non-Brazilian BJJ Black Belts, and he brings a world of knowledge and practical skill with him. He has a unique coaching method of getting his points across that allows participants of any skill level to learn and improve their game. And guaranteed, you will have a ton of fun at this one!

Event Details:

Where: SBG Niagara

When: Sunday October 2nd

Times: 11am - 2pm

Your Investment:

SBG Members - $60 US
Non-members - $70 US

We have 2,500 sq.ft. of matted space so we are ready and able to host this incredible opportunity to train with a BJJ Legend.

You may register by contacting me at 905.329.KICK(5425) or at

Hell yeah, let’s do this!

Coach Rich


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