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SBG Niagara Athlete Filip Laporcak Wins Provincial Amateur MMA Title

Posted Apr 5th, 2016 in Blog

SBG Niagara Athlete Filip Laporcak Wins Provincial Amateur MMA Title

SBG NIAGARA athlete Filip Svk Laporcak wins the OGA 185 pound Provincial Amateur MMA Championship via submission by rear naked choke in round 3.

I would like to thank Filip's opponent Lonnie Harrington...respectful, tough... he gave Filip a very tough fight and it was a great 3 round battle...back and forth the whole fight until near the end of the third round.

I want to thank Andy Stretch Porter, the matchmaker. Unfortunately someone got injured, and Andy called me to give us the opportunity to step up and fight for the title. I know there are many teams and athletes out there to choose from, and I very much appreciate being given the chance to come in with my athlete and put on a great performance. As Coach Kav says, "stay ready", and that is exactly what we do.

I want to thank Alex for being my second and taking care of the little things that need to done well for the fight, and to Joel for driving up to support us. Those things mean a lot to me and are really appreciated.

Thanks to Filip's friends and family for making the trip to support us. It is always great when you have your family and friends in attendance, especially when you are fighting out of town.

I want to thank the TEAM at SBG NIAGARA for helping to prepare Filip for the takes a TEAM to bring out the best in every individual, and you guys do it with passion and a genuine desire to see each of our athletes continue to better themselves, both on and off the mats.

I want to thank all of MY SBG Coaches worldwide. I am spoiled by the amount of world class Coaches I have access to, and that at a moments notice they are there offering support, training tips, advice, anything I need to help better coach my team. And as good of coaches they all are, it is their true friendship that means the most to me. Thank you all.

And to Filip, THANK YOU for trusting me, for your undying loyalty, and for your friendship. You have wanted this from day one, and you have never been afraid to do whatever it took to get to this point. A lot of people talk the talk, but you most definitely walk the walk!

Filip drives in to SBG Niagara almost 2 hours each way for a 4 hour round trip that gets him on the mats for a couple of hours of training time a few times per week. Never bitches, never whines, just comes in and does the work. Some people I've been around are in love with the idea of being a fighter, but when it comes down to putting in the sacrifice and pain they break, and give up. Not Filip, he lives it. He wants it, and he is going to do well!

We now qualified to compete in Alberta at the end of May for the Canadian National Amateur MMA Team Tryouts - Road to the Worlds.

As I said before, this is just the first of 3 Belts in seven days....there are 2 more waiting for us to collect next Saturday night in Fort Erie, and TEAM SBG NIAGARA is ready to bring them home.

Coach Rich

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