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SBG Niagara Absolutely Dominates at Grappling Industries Toronto BJJ Competition

Posted Mar 14th, 2016 in Blog

SBG Niagara Absolutely Dominates at Grappling Industries Toronto BJJ Competition

Saturday March 5th, at the Grappling Industries BJJ Competition, Team SBG Niagara medalled in everything from kids to adults, white to blue belt, and even the Super Absolute divisions, to bring home a total of 23 medals on the day!

It was an amazing day for the TEAM, and for me as a Coach. I asked the Team to step up and have us bring the largest team we have ever brought to a competition, and step up they did. We had 19 athletes step onto the mats to compete in 36 divisions, and for that alone I am thankful for.

  • Thank you to all the SBG Niagara members/friends/family that made the trip up to support the means a lot to me and everyone else that you take time out of your day to come out and spend your time cheering us on.
  •  Thanks to the rest of our SBG TRIBE that were competing as well...SBG Toronto and SBG Scarborough...the TRIBE you are a part of matters....ours is truly first of my guys wanted to warm up before his division and P.K jumps in to help him out...when I had to leave, Jason is right there asking what can he do for me...when I or my coaches were busy, Jason jumps in and lends his expertise to the TEAM...I am forever thankful.
  •  Thank you to MY Coaches throughout SBG Worldwide....for your generosity and friendships...for your willingness to share your world class training methods...and for NEVER settling for anything but your best....we don’t set the bar high, we set it the highest!
  •  And finally, to all of my students...for being such genuine people...for trusting me as your Coach...for believing in my coaching methods...for allowing me to be a part of your humble me everyday, and it is such an incredible feeling to be surrounded by all of you.

TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More


Thank you all so very much.

Coach Rich

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