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Coaching Done Right: Systems + Standards = Success

Posted Jan 31st, 2015 in Blog

Coaching Done Right: Systems + Standards = Success

Straight Blast Gym International not only provides the most functional and alive training for their athletes, they also have systems in place for the Coaching Staff that enables them to provide the highest quality coaching to all of their athletes, from absolute beginner to competition team members.

Every Coach in SBGi must graduate from the “Coaching University" Program, created by SBGi President and Head Coach Matt Thornton. This is an intense and challenging program that teaches the SBGi method of coaching, which is unique to Straight Blast Gym.

While many may participate in the Coaching University Program, not all graduate. Those that do not may continue as an athlete within the gym until they are ready to try again, while others will move on to other gyms and continue their coaching career there.

Graduates of the Program are now allowed the privilege of coaching classes at SBGi. This keeps the integrity of the world class SBGi curriculum in place, and it is what makes our coaches some of the most sought out Coaches in the world.

And when you have a system in place that educates and provides continuing education for your Coaches, a world class curriculum for everyone from kids to adults, recreational athlete to competitive athlete, and the highest of standards that are never compromised for any reason, you have the ingredients for success for all your athletes.

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