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Beaupit's Mixed Martial Arts to SBG Niagara: Why The Name Change?

Posted Sep 20th, 2014 in Blog

Beaupit's Mixed Martial Arts to SBG Niagara: Why The Name Change?

For years, regardless of what I named the gym, my name was always a part of it.  I have lived in the Niagara Region all my life, a lot of people know me and my family, I am known for my integrity and generosity, and for the most part, it was me teaching all the classes.  So it made sense to have “Beaupit’s” in the name.

Then I met SBG President Matt Thornton, started training with him and the other SBG Coaches  from around the world, joined the tribe, and knew that this was the start of something very big for the gym.

There are so many benefits to being a part of SBG... having some of the finest martial arts Coaches in the world, simply the BEST functional martial arts curriculum one could have, a SYSTEM to teach people HOW to be the best COACH possible, and for me what is the number one reason, BEING AROUND SOME OF THE BEST AND COOLEST PEOPLE ON EARTH!

So now that we had a SYSTEM to teach people how to Coach, I started to develop a staff of world class Coaches that are teaching classes now on a regular basis.  The gym started to become more than just me, so it was time to take away the “Beaupit’s” part of the name.

The final change to STRAIGHT BLAST GYM of NIAGARA just happened naturally, it was meant to be. We are part of a WORLD CLASS organization that actually puts people and training ahead of money and power.  

from Coach Thornton:

We are you and your family.

SBGi is an organization built of – and on – each and every one of its members, and their individual questions, experiences, discoveries, needs and concerns. We are you... and we are your family.

Our members include people who train for a wide variety of reasons – from fun, fitness, recreation, sport, self-defense through to specialized agencies, facilities and units.

We coach, learn and train every aspect of our curriculum with a method and approach paramount to learning the way nature intended, through the self-discovery and experienced guidance of progressive but direct immersion and the priceless self-knowledge there gained or re-discovered.

I am very proud to represent STRAIGHT BLAST GYM throughout St.Catharines and the Niagara Region, and I invite you to give our "Quickstart Program" a try so you can be a part of something special too!


Coach Rich

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