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SBG Niagara: Professional Martial Arts Instruction For St.Catharines and the Niagara Region.

Posted Aug 30th, 2014 in Blog, August 2014

SBG Niagara: Professional Martial Arts Instruction For St.Catharines and the Niagara Region.

Owned and operated by Head Coach Rich Beaupit since day one, Coach Rich has 33 years of experience in the arts and over 20 years running a full time martial arts school.  No part time, hobbyist here. Coach Rich only has one job, and that is providing the best and most professional martial arts instruction available to the men, women and children of St.Catharines and the Niagara Region.

SBG Niagara is the Canadian Headquarters for SBG International, the most respected functional martial arts organization in the world. SBGi is responsible for developing the systems that all the Coaches from our gyms worldwide use to bring integrity back to the arts and conduct themselves in the most professional manner possible.

All Coaches must participate in the SBG “Coaching University” Program, where they learn how to be a professional Coach and constantly improve on their skills, giving the athletes the best possible instruction they can receive.  Continuing education is a staple for every SBG Coach.

Two things that separate every gym in the Niagara Region is the coaching methods and the “vibe” of the gym.  Our coaching methods are second to none, and are responsible for helping everyone from the “average joe” recreational athlete to UFC stars better themselves.  Our “vibe” is one of the things that people talk about the most - they love our positive, caring, friendly vibe.  Our gym is full of like minded people that want to help each other be better.  We have no meatheads or “bad attitude” people here.

Something that happened today at our World Headquarters in Portland, Oregon clearly exemplifies the SBG “vibe”...

“This morning at the gym is the perfect example of why I love my job and my SBG family.

After working some alignment corrections with Stephanie Ziegler . I had a fun group of practical ladies ready play around with their balance and develop some buns of steel. As I joined them on the mat, a guy was punching bags in our corner and had covered the whole area with his sweat.

When my ladies complained about it and as I was wiping up his mess, he told us "it was good for us". He definitely had an attitude about him but being the gracious ladies that we are we brushed it off with some of Heidi Snellman's humor and went on with our class.

However, the guy then made the mistake of continuing his bad attitude towards Ricky Davison and Zach Thornton , which resulted in him promptly being shown the way out the front door and told never to return.

At SBG we strive to maintain high standards in our training methods, but also the integrity of the community we have built.

No d***s allowed!

I can't resist smiling right now, I had nothing to do with this guy getting told off, I am lucky to have good people around me that share my values, saw what happened and sorted it within minutes.

One Tribe, One Vibe!

So if you are looking for a martial arts school that will be full of like minded people that want to better themselves, and be involved in a community that will support you, come in and get started at St.Catharines most respected and professional martial arts school!  Just fill out our QUICKSTART Trial Offer Form on this page and we will contact you immediately to set up your appointment.

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