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SBG Niagara: High Standards Lead To Life Skills That Will Last A Lifetime!

Posted Aug 23rd, 2014 in Blog, August 2014

SBG Niagara: High Standards Lead To Life Skills That Will Last A Lifetime!

One of the things I am most proud of when it comes to the members of SBG Niagara, whether it is the adults or the kids, is the way in which they conduct themselves off the mats.  They take the life lessons they learn on the mats through their training, and apply them to their everyday routines, allowing them to be a positive part of their community here in St.Catharines and the Niagara Region.

I always tell them that who they are on the mats for an hour of the day means very little compared to who they are off the mats the other twenty three.  Take the skills learned from training, such as the patience and confidence needed to escape positions in a jiu jitsu match, or the ability to stay calm under the pressure of a kickboxing match, and use them to face the pressures of their daily routines.  

At SBG Niagara our Coaches lead by example.  Here is what one of the Dad's at the gym had to say regarding life skills and character development:

"Rich has been my son’s coach for more than 6 years. I say “coach” but it means more than that. has been a friend, a mentor, a big brother a wise uncle and more than that an amazing role model.

Rich has quite simply been a major influence in helping my son grow from a little boy into an amazing young man. Respectful, polite, reserved, passionate and dedicated to his fitness are all traits my son has received from his years with Rich.

I can only describe Rich as a guy who tells it like it is, hold his students to a high standard and helps them to not only achieve those standards but to surpass them. There isn’t a price you can put on that type of character development."

- Michael Cheliak

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