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Posted Jul 21st, 2014 in Blog


SBG Ireland Head Coach John Kavanagh and his team of athletes dominated the UFC in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday night, going 4-0 for the night.  All of the fights ended in either submissions or TKO's, and none of the fights made it past the second round.

Paddy Holohan started things off with a first round submission win via rear naked choke.  Next up was Cathal Pendred, who after being taken down and ground and pounded for a bit, got back to his feet, made it to the second round and ended up sinking a rear naked choke in for the submission win.  The co-main event was Iceland's Gunnar Nelson, who after feeling things out for the first round picked up the pace in round 2, started to pick his opponent apart and then also sinking in a rear naked choke for the submission win.  The main event saw Conor McGregor do as he said he would, ending the fight in the first round with a stunning TKO.

Adding to the total domination of the Team, Cathal, Gunnar and Conor received 3 of the 4 Performance of the Night Bonuses, and UFC DUBLIN broke the record for being the highest rated sporting event on 3e tv in Ireland, no doubt to the guys being on the card and representing Ireland MMA.  Conor has now moved into the Top Ten in the UFC Featherweight Division, and Gunnar is now ranked #12 in the UFC Welterweight Division.

Coach Kavanagh, "The Godfather of MMA" in Ireland,  has been quietly building his team over the past 20 years, and is very deserving of the accolades he is now receiving from all around the world. 

Keep your eyes on the Team....even better things to come!

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