St. Catharines & Niagara's Most Beginner Friendly Adult Martial Arts Programs

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Our Adult martial arts classes are fun, friendly, and challenging , and they will help you better yourself.

  • Have fun developing your co-ordination, strength, mobility and stamina.
  • With your newly developed fitness, your confidence will increase and you'll be better prepared to handle any conflicts or stress you may face in your everyday routines
  • Want to better yourself?  Our QUICK START TRIAL makes it easy for you to get started with us.


Feel fitter and more confident handling the everyday stresses of life.

In our welcoming gym, you'll find the positive energy and motivation you need to develop physical attributes such as mobility, flexibility, endurance and strength.
Our training programs will help you improve your mental, emotional and physical strengths, allowing you to overcome any struggles of your everyday routines.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - The Efficient Art

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu offered by Straight Blast Gym in St. Catharines (Niagara) is a unique martial art, combat sport and self-defense system.

It promotes the concept that technique, not size, is the foundation of successful defense. The SBG coaching methods provide everyone from the recreational to the experienced athlete the opportunity to learn this beautiful art at their pace.


SBG Striking - Kickboxing

The SBG Striking Program at Straight Blast Gym Niagara is one of the most complete striking systems you can learn.

By combining elements of kickboxing, thai kickboxing, boxing, and point karate, our athletes get a striking system that is adaptable to your needs, and gives you a tremendous fat burning and muscle toning workout.


MMA -Mixed Martial Arts

The Mixed Martial Arts Program at Straight Blast Gym Niagara is for adults of all ages.

We teach our athletes the fundamentals of stand up, clinch and ground, giving them the tools to handle anything from striking to grappling.

SBG has MMA athletes that train just to get in shape, all the way up to UFC World Champions.  Our MMA training is for every-body.


I knew SBG is where I wanted to be after my first meeting with Coach Rich. Coach is one of the most genuine people I've had the pleasure to meet. The gym has the best atmosphere I've been apart of and is welcoming to all people regardless of where they come from. A great atmosphere, accompanied by even greater people. Every class is a learning experience that will help you inside and outside of the gym. Joining SBG has helped me grow as a person which is why I recommend it to everyone.

- Usama Arshad, Straight Blast Gym Student

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