Niagara's Best Martial Arts and Life Skills Program For Kids

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Our Amazing 'Growing Gorillas' Martial Arts & Life Skills Program offers the most complete, energetic and FUNctional training for children in St.Catharines and the Niagara Region!

Growing Gorillas, Fitness Programs for Kids

Give your child the gifts of confidence and self-esteem

Our amazing kids martial arts classes are like no other. You'll see what we mean once your child tries!

We make every child feel like they belong, right from the start. It's an inviting, inclusive environment where they feel safe to grow, and you'll see their confidence and self-esteem increase substantially through our amazing Martial Arts and Life Skills Programs.

Our play-focused system provides a unique, fully interactive experience for your son or daughter.

Our Growing Gorillas program, created by Coach Travis Davison, is more than just kicks, punches, and throws... it's a community where your child will thrive.

It's an amazing, comprehensive martial arts and life skills program, perfect for kids of all ages, with a focus on learning through play. Bully prevention is another foundational concept of Growing Gorillas, because we know that two things can ruin a child's life: being bullied and being a bully.

As parents ourselves, we understand that it takes a village to raise a child. With your child in the Growing Gorillas program, you can be ease knowing that there is a community of trustworthy people helping to watch over and guide him or her towards their passions, dreams, and goals.

  • Rich Beaupit's coaching abilities were apparent the first time I arrived at the gym and saw him working with children. The kids were laughing, moving, listening. They rolled and wrestled with determination and above all fun. Essentially, the kids were at play - and what better way to learn than through the natural motions of play?
    - Harry Tournemille, Parent and Member of SBG Niagara

We coach with a unique perspective towards your child's development.

It's about physical, mental and emotional fitness. We combine methodologies so your kids learn:

  • Respect from Responsibility
  • Discipline with Dignity
  • Performance through Play
  • Fitness as Fun

Our kids programs work with the needs of your individual child.

In the world of martial arts there are many paths to success.

Rather than forcing every child into the mould of an 'ancient master', we coach the fundamentals that every functional martial artist must know and then help your child develop their own 'game' based on their attributes and personal tastes.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) does not mean Ultimate Fighting.

With the increased attention MMA shows, such as Ultimate Fighting, are receiving, parents may think that MMA training is just like these shows.

We are not a 'fight club'. We coach in a very safe, productive and nurturing environment, so your child will develop confidence and self esteem, along with physical strength, coordination and stamina.

'Alive Training' gives your child the opportunity to interact with other kids.

Your child will experience a proactive training environment through 'alive training' in which he or she will interact physically with other boys and girls.

Through this practice, your child will develop interpersonal skills, and skills such as timing, coordination and agility.

It's way fun! And way cool!

The Growing Gorillas model is the best method for students to develop their skills and is infinitely more fun than the traditional static training methods used in most martial arts schools.

Training to make smart decisions.

By offering instruction in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing, we offer your child the opportunity to learn a complete method of self defense, which gives them the ability to make smart decisions when faced with challenging and sometimes intimidating situations.

Our S.A.F.E. Bully Proofing System©, which is integrated into every class, teaches your child life skills that will increase their confidence and self esteem, and provides them with the tools they need to deal with bullying and resolving conflicts in a responsible manner.

How often does my child have to attend classes?

We offer many classes each week for your child to participate in. Although we have no minimum amount they must attend, we recommend attending 2 classes per week. This will make coming to class a part of your child's everyday routine and will make it easier to retain the skills they are learning.

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